Privacy policy


It is very important for us to protect the privacy of our website ( users. Please read the information below concerning data collection, principles of their processing and usage. Every user staying on the website and using its resources simultaneously consents to the usage of cookie files.


What are the cookie files?

These are text files from the website saved by the website user's Internet browser. There are temporary cookie files – saved until the browser closure – and cookie files with a definite expiry date, saved by the browser for a longer time.


Do the cookie files include personal data?

These files do not allow for the download of any personal or contact details, nor are they harmful to a computer or its user data. This is why it is recommended not to switch them off in the browser. Deactivation of the cookie service shall not adversely affect the website content and operation. It can, however, make the website usage less comfortable.


What do we use the cookie files for?

Technical data collected automatically may be applied for the analysis of behaviours of the users, collection of population statistics, as well as for the website traffic statistics or for the customisation of its content.

TS PCB uses the external cookie files for the following purpose: remarketing through Google Analytics. External providers, including Google, may view our ads on the Internet. The service controller and external providers use their own cookie files (e.g. Google Analytics) and the cookie files of external companies (e.g. DoubleClick) to receive notification of ads and to optimise and display them based on the user visit history.

We are the only personal data controller on the website We process personal data pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 and to the Act on Rendering Electronic Service of 18 July 2002. Personal data may also be processed by the IT company Freshmail, ul. Fabryczna 20A, 31-553 Kraków.


How to delete the cookie files?

By default website browsing software allows for cookie files to be placed on the terminal device. These settings may be changed by way of blocking their automatic service in the Internet browser's settings or by notifying the user each time they are sent to the user device. The software (Internet browser) settings contain detailed information on the possibilities and methods of the cookie files service. The user may demand the complete deletion of its personal data. Upon their deletion we will not contact the user nor provide them with any information concerning our activity.


Final provisions

The TS PCB privacy policy may be amended due to the development of Internet technology or a change in the personal data protection law, as well as to the development of our website. We shall inform users of any changes via our website.

We reserve the right to unilaterally amend this Privacy Policy at any time. Amendments shall come into force upon the date of their publication on our website.

If you have any additional questions concerning Privacy Policy, please contact TS PCB, ul. Leczkowa 22a, 80-432 Gdańsk,, phone no.: 58 340 42 54.