TS PCB introduces Integr8tor

TS PCB Techno-Service S.A., has recently invested in Integr8tor, Ucamco's industry-leading sales and engineering server solution.   Mr. Dariusz Załęski, PhD, CAM Support Manager of TS PCB Techno-Service S.A. explains: “Integr8tor will boost our pre-order and pre-production productivity,...

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We are on Facebook!

We are pleased to inform that we have launched the official TS PCB profile on Facebook! We hope that our regularly updated “life” posts, as well as printed circuit boards, industry insights, and CIRCUIT-EXPERT blog posts will provide you with valuable information.   We encourage...

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We are pleased to announce that after several weeks of intense work, new blog CIRCUIT-EXPERT is already available! It has also permanently gained a place on our corporate website, and is available in the main menu. The entire editorial team is making every effort to make the blog a place where...

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In September on the Circuit-Expert blog, we will address the final stage of the production process of printed circuits. In order to achieve their final shape, the edges of the boards are subject to milling or scoring.   We invite to read the articles which will concern: - machining types -...

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Closing dates in August

We would like to inform that due to bank holiday our Customer Service Office and Manufacturing Plant will be closed on 14th to 15th of August 2017.  

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CIRCUIT-EXPERT BLOG: Theme of the month - VIAS

In August Circuit-Expert Blog will focus on a specific element of printed circuits: vias.   We will summarize characteristics of buried, blind and plugged vias, we will describe vias types according to IPC norm and conditions that need to be met already at circuit design stage to be able to produce...

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25th anniversary of TECHNO-SERVICE S.A. establishment has been noticed by professional web portal Elektronika B2B. The positive news are always the reason for satisfaction and joy.  

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CIRCUIT-EXPERT BLOG: Theme of the month - PCB parameters

In July we will concetrate on the parameters of PCBs.   We will wrirte about: - their basic parameters, - termic parameters, - moisture absorption, - their electrical paramteres.   We will be also interesed in next prodution stage which is the preparing for metallization...

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Techno Service S.A. has received the prestigious Gryf Pomorski (Pomeranian Griffin) and Alegoria Nauki (Allegory of Science) awards!

On the 25th anniversary of its establishment, the Presidents of the Management Board of Techno-Service S.A. have received these special distinctions from the hands of two esteemed persons: the Marshal of the Pomeranian Voivodeship Mr Mieczysław Strug, and Mr Jacek Namieśnik, Ph.D., a professor at the Gdańsk...

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CIRCUIT-EXPERT BLOG: Manufacturing printed circuit boards – now and then

Does anyone still remember AWS-1 NC driller? Brushing machine from the 80s or galvanic line handled manually?   CIRCUIT-EXPERT blog will feature memories of TS PCB TECHNO-SERVICE S.A. beginning along with archival photographs.   Starting with: - drilling process now and then,...

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We are noticed by professional web portal elektronika The positive opinion about our blog activity gives us pride and joy!    

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Closing dates in June

We would like to inform that due to bank holiday our Customer Service Office and Manufacturing Plant will be closed on 15th to 16th of June 2017.  

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CIRCUIT-EXPERT BLOG: Theme of the month - multilayer PCBs

CIRCUIT-EXPERT BLOG in June will focus on multilayer PCBs.   We will write about :   Their correct design, structure and the ways of construction, The materials needed in stack-ups, The relation between the thickness of PCB and it’s tolerance, The stack-up preparation...

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CIRCUIT-EXPERT BLOG: Accepted file format for printed circuit board designs

The commonly accepted file format for printed circuit board designs is the Extended Gerber RS-274X with drilling files in Excellon format. TS PCB TECHNO-SERVICE S.A. also accepts the following file formats: Gerber RS-274X2 ODB++ Eagle BRD (up to 4 layers) Mania-Barco...

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We also applaud and support university science clubs!

In cooperation with SKALP – the automation club at the ETI faculty of Gdańsk University of Technology – we are creating the ŻUKBOT: a versatile agricultural robot that can be used for such tasks as navigating among field beds, weeding, and seed sowing.   Meanwhile, the Mechatronics...

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CIRCUIT-EXPERT BLOG: PCB design – only Eagle?

One of the most popular tools for designing printed circuit boards includes EAGLE software, but is it the only alternative, read more on blog --- ► HERE.  

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CIRCUIT-EXPERT BLOG: How to correctly design panels for small circuits?

Two parts of the article discuss various methods of the mechanical processing of panels with regard to producing small circuits.   Part first ---► READ HERE Part second ---► READ HERE

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Machine park: Vacuum press

No modern machinery park for producing printed circuit boards can do without a vacuum press.   It allows for the making of: – plates with copper in internal layers exceeding 105 micrometres, – orders exceeding 8 layers, – multi-layer boards on non-standard laminates...

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Certificate ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015

The Integrated Quality and Environmental Management directly corresponds with the quality of the PCB. Therefore we are glad to gain new ISO certificate for norm 9001:2015 i 14001:2015.  

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Advanced technology in PCB production

Continuing to work on our PCBs offer we are glad to announce, that we expend our technical possibilities.   Due to increasing requirement of our Clients for more complex projects, we propose production of multilayer PCBs in advanced technology. It includes more precise DRC parameters on inner...

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Machine park: Silkscreen printer

We are pleased to announce that we've completed the implementation of a new SPRINT 200 screen printer by Orbotech. The machine has replaced our previous SPRINT 100 printer.   The most important features of the new device are: – high print quality (resolution up to 3 mils) with...

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Machine park: drills

We are pleased to announce that in January our production plant was expanded by three new drills made by German-based Schmoll Maschinen. Now we've got as many as five of these modern machines. These are extremely fast drilling machines with automatic feeding packets for drilling, which drill with...

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The latest report of the Railway Research Institute

We are pleased to announce that we have received another report of the Railway Research Institute (Report IK.LKA93.A249 / 15 and IK.LKA96.A250 / 15). They relate to the determination of combustible laminates properties 0,71-FR4 (ILM-U1)-35/35 Cu and 1,55-FR4 (ILM-R1)-18/18 Cu for double-sided and multi-layer...

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